What We Do

Facilities Management Services in Coventry and More

Trade Squad is the company of choice for all property owners in need of quality facilities management services in Coventry and more. We offer a full range of solutions in the city and the surrounding areas to help you keep your residential or commercial building both comfortable and safe. If you ever need a handyman in Coventry and the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to call us for our services.

You name it, we do it! If your job isn’t listed below, just give us a call on 024 7665 ­ 9999 and we’ll be happy to help!




No Job is Too small or Too Big!

Thinking of giving your work space or home a complete makeover? From removing worn wallpaper and touching up faded paint to replacing old water systems, we can help you transform your office or home.

We also run our handyman service, HANDY SQUAD, which includes all those small jobs you just don’t have time to do, can’t find anyone to do, or can’t do. Our comprehensive handyman services cover everything you need, so let the HANDY SQUAD look after the ‘to do’ in your ‘to do’ list! Click here to find out more.

The Trade Squad Advantage

We know that hiring the right handyman for the job equates to getting the best value for the money. At Trade Squad, we lend you the expertise a capable handyman that can ensure superior workmanship for your property. It’s not just our skill that we’re proud of, but our experience as well. Being in the business for over 20 years has taught us the importance of providing exemplary customer service at all times. Our customers can retain their peace of mind knowing their project will stay both on budget and on schedule.

How do we do it? We adhere to strict guidelines that include the following:

  • iStock_000022133495_MediumExpert Workmanship – We employ only highly experienced and expertly trained technicians that know all the ins and outs of building repair and maintenance. We take the extra mile in making sure that all problems are addressed at their roots, so that no other troubles may arise after the repair.
  • iStock_000024455706_MediumQuality Materials – We know that using standard-grade products will only lead to recurring problems in the future. That’s why whenever an installation or replacement needs to be done, we make it a point to use only top-grade materials.

We consider it our primary job to make home or office maintenance effortless for you. This is why we offer a wide array of products in addition to facilities management services in Coventry and the nearby areas. We cater to every aspect of your home or office improvement so you won’t have to enlist a different contractor for everything that needs to be done.

TRADE SQUAD provides professional handyman services to various cities and towns in England, particularly the regions of Coventry, Warwick, and Leamington Spa. To learn more about our products and services, you may visit our contact page and fill out the form.